Design Service

It can be difficult to find the right kind of ironwork for a project, we aim to make the decision easier using an archive of traditional ironwork designs and our own portfolio of work to refine your initial ideas into a final design.

To ensure the final design is to the clients liking we use 3D modelling, and rendering software, to create photo-realistic images to show the client how the proposed design will look in situ.

We can then create samples using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques to show our clients what the physical form could look like, this could also help the client decide on details and finishes.

Design Case Study

Step 1: Brief

Donkeywell Forge was commissioned by the client to design and create a new set of gates to replace the “off the shelf” gates that were at the property, the design was to be pulled from the ironwork of the gate and railings that already existed at the property so that it would be in keeping with their surroundings and incorporate ornate traditionally made elements.

Step 2: Initial Design

We completed a site survey, measuring the space and took as many reference photos as possible, using these and the details of the brief to create the initial designs.

Step 3: CAD and Render

We then fine tuned the design, regularly showing the client during the process. We took the final design and created a 3D model to then be rendered into the reference images to give the client a photo realistic image of the design in situ to proceed with the assembly of the piece.

Our CAD designs and 3D modelling are fantastic visual tools when working with the client through the design process. They can clearly illustrate what the ironwork is going to look like and aid us when we begin to create engineer drawings for the production of the ironwork once the design has been confirmed.

See Country Estate Garden Entrance Gates for the whole project

Case Studies

Ornate, Traditional Gates and Railings

Donkeywell Forge was commissioned to design a set of stand out gates and railings for a client in Holland. We incorporated many elements that we had taken from inspiration that we had found and our own previous work and combined them to create traditional and beautifully ornate ironwork for the property.

Forged Stair Railings, Balustrade and Handrail

Working with the designer we created the design for stair railings and balustrade for a house in the Cotswolds. The railings had to conform to building regulations but meet the desired design of the client. From the Engineer drawings we were able to come up with a 3D render that we could show the client what the ironwork would look like in situ, this also included the wooden handrail that was being supplied with the metalwork.

To see more please see Forged Stair Balustrades

Georgian Railings

Donkeywell Forge designed and create a set of railings and two side gates that were to draw their inspiration from ironwork typically seen in Georgian era railings. We went through the process of designing the railings, discussing with the client the fine details of the design showing them the 3D render of ironwork in situ.

If you would like to see more please click here Georgian Railings and Side Gates

Traditional Estate Gate

Commissioned by the client, Donkeywell Forge designed and created a large set of gates for the property including a large amount of traditional scrollwork. The gates were rendered into poisition for the client to see what the ironwork would look like in situ.

To see more please see Country Estate Garden Entrance Gates

Tallet Stair Handrail

After visiting the site and taking the relevant measurements we could produce a working drawing and later a render of the ironwork in situ for the client. We also used a sample of the finish to produce an accurate look to the render to show exactly what the finished piece would look like.

To see more please see Tallet Stair Handrail

Large Estate Gates

We were comissioned to design a set of large gates for the entrance to a walled garden and courtyard. The client requested they be impressive and secure. The designs were drawn from the cast bronze estate entrance gates.

Ironwork Glass Table

We designed and made an ironwork table to hold a glass top for a studio. We blackened the steel to resemble the surrounding metal work at the location.

Stair and Balcony Ornate Balustrade and Railings

Donkeywell Forge was asked to design a set of balcony railings and spiralling stair balustrades. The client desired an ornate design that incorporated traditionally forged elements to create a decorative pattern throughout the entirety of the ironwork. We digitally designed a meter panel that we could repeat throughout the stairs and balcony.

Forged Gate and Arch

The client commissioned Donkeywell Forge to design and create an arch and companion gate for the entrance into his garden. We designed something that would be a beautiful addition to the garden which included traditional forged elements such as scrolls, twisted bars and a handforged latch and decorative railheads adorned the gate.  It also had to be in keeping with the garden and therefore a aged lead finish was chosen we rendered this into the design to show what it would look like in situ.

To see more please see Ornate Garden Arch and Gate

Garden Ironwork Arch

The client required a simple arch for the base of their steps up to the garden. We rendered an image of the proposed arch in the desired colour. For this one we also used a person to add scale to the image.

If you would like to see more please see Bibury Fencing and Garden Arch

Balcony Railing

Comissioned to design and create a balcony railing for the client. Donkeywell Forge designed and rendered an image for the client to see what the ironwork would look like in situ.

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