Ornate Walled Garden Gates

As described, these gates were designed and made with a very georgian style intent and features a good range of our traditional forging techniques featuring swellings, intricate scrollwork used in gate and framework continuing the pattern and handforged elements such as the leaves and spiral stems.

After discussions over email we followed our standard steps towards creating a design the client would be happy with;

  • The client sent us pictures of the space the gates were going into and pictures we could render our first designs into.
  • We followed up with a site visit to measure the dimensions and a proposal showing off a heavily forged gate we had previously restored with a sketch design based upon it.
  • Following the client’s confirmation that they liked the proposal given we proceeded with making the initial full designs with renders so the client could see it in situ.
  • Finally after slight modifications to improve the gates, we made the final designs and drawings for production.

To see more information on our design services: follow this link.