Traditional Estate Entrance and Pedestrian Gates


Donkeywell Forge was commissioned by a local private client to design and produce a pair of entrance gates for their property as well as an accompanying pedestrian gate to recommission the lower entrance driveway and to make entrance more formal. The gates were designed using a combination of years of traditional metalworking experience, examples that the client themselves had found and CAD software. We produced a design and rendered the digital image of the gate and new wall into situ for the client to see exactly what the ironwork and stonework would look like once completed. We also provided the stonewallers with the digital image to help with the groundworks needed for the gates.  Once a design was confirmed we began the construction of the forged elements required for the gate which included scrollwork, finials, bar swellings and rivets which were all produced using traditional techniques. Once we had the assembly completed we installed the large entrance gate which was fully automated and the pedestrian gate. All metal work was protected with zinc coating and finished in satin black for a smooth finish.

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Entrance Gates

Pedestrian gate