Ornate Arched Garden Gates


Commissioned to create two large gates for a private client, Donkeywell Forge designed, produced and installed the ironwork at the highest level of quality.

We provided our design service, using CAD to design the gates, taking inspiration from previous ironwork we had created and heritage ironworks. Discussing the design with the client we were able to produce 3D renders to show the ironwork in situ. The design was confirmed, and we proceeded with production. The ironwork required many traditional methods of forging, pulling from the years of expertise, that we here at Donkeywell Forge possess. We incorporated many ornate and decorative elements to embellish the gates and make a standout set of gates, unique to our clients property.

Once completed, we installed the gates into the walled areas of the garden in which the client desired. Each gate was installed with locking mechanisms, drop bolts and catches for added security and ease of access.